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Waking Up [23 Oct 2005|09:00pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Finding myself laying face down on my apartment floor, I groan, rolling over. I passed out again, didn't I?

Running a hand through my hair I roll over and sit up, my cold fingertips rubbing against my eyes.

What just happened? how did I get here?,/i>

It took a moment to figure it out. I had just been abducted and had an impromtu meeting with the man behind the diamond hesit.

"The diamonds!" I gasped and searched my person for the velvet bag that I obtained. "NO!"

I stood quickly and made my way into the bedroom, slamming my fist into the door frame as I passed. There was no pain. I was too focused to even notice it.

I paced around for a moment before the entire night started flooding back to me. I just worked my way into a partnership. One that could proove even more profitable than a handful of measly rocks.

I calmed down instantly.

Now was time to put the plan into action.

Opening up my nightstand drawer I pulled out a stationary set and a pen and sat down on the bed, turning on the television.

"Tonight we're standing outside of thePavillion where the annual Policeman's Ball is heald. As you can see by all of the people behind me, we've got quite a turnout--"

The news. I grumbled and felt for the remote to change the channel--

"...lots of Keystone's finest are here this evening. However we're all egarely awaiting the arrival of Keystone's own Scarlet Speedster--"


"--highspeed chase in persuit. We're following a black BMW down the 10."

Lenoard's head perked up. Now THAT was more like it. Something he could write his letters to.

He was going to be busy tonight. His days as a crriminal were over.. at least for as much as the world was to know.

And in the morning? He'd go down there personally to "straighten" everything out.

This was the first step to something greater.

He smiled as he continued to write, the police sirens and light chatter from the television continued in the background.
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New leaves [21 Oct 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

With fall here and winter fast approaching the leaves on the trees are slowly changing colors... fluttering to the ground as another season passes though.

The air's chilled, the rains are here?

In all honesty? This is my perfect kinda weather. I love it. I can breathe a lot easier now.

i've been having an interesting couple of days. First? The big ass haul that I got in robbing that eighteen wheeler-- erm.. the diamond heist? Yeeeah.

That was nothing but a trap. Apparently there was some agent in the mixture, not to mention a tracking device--

Why couldn't Robotnik have gotten that tracer-- I wonder if he suffered any sort of anything from messing with those diamonds.

I pased out and found myself in the presence of Vyslav Kotov-- You know? The OTHER guy who thinks he runs this town?


Anyway, he hauled me in to offer me a business proposal. And I did the smart thing and accepted. I could have walked away, but just thinking of what I'll be able to do while secretly working with The Gentleman?

Man. Oh. Man.

This is going to be great.

Now, as you can see the leaves on the trees slowly changing, you'll see me changing as well.

Time to turn over a new leaf.

At least... in the public's eye anyway.
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*leaps* [06 Sep 2005|09:58pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Don't bug me. Out looking for an adventure.

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That Little-- [29 Aug 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Something in the bottom of my gut told me not to trust that little.... WITCH.

Of course, what am I angry about now? Just that my beautiful little GEM of a necklace is nothing more then mere rock candy. Bringing it to my lips for a moment was all I needed to tell me the truth--

It was good for eating, and that's about it.

And now of course, thanks to Pinkie's trechery, I'm going to have to go in and do what I orginally had in mind--

Go in there and take back what is rightfully mind. And if something should happen and someone gets in the way of my cold gun? So be it. Not my problem. They should have never get in my way in the first place. They should know better.
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A thought. [[Locked to Rosie]] [26 Aug 2005|07:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Ive been thinking about brancing off and just creating another journal for me and myself only. I'm starting to worry about the security of this one. After all Evan does frequent this account often-- not like anything vital is happening here. Meh. No That wouldn't be right. This stupid journal is supposed to be an article of trust. And trust is one thing that us rogues have for one another. Which is primarily why we work so well together.

Amazing, isn't it?

Anyway, managed to get dear ol Pinkie to help me with a little "problem" I had. That stupid SOB of a crimelord that calls himself "The Gentleman" took something of mine.

Well, his lunkies did and I've had a vendetta against him since. That necklace that he has-- or should i say HAD is now mine.


What a good run. And it's all thanks to that little niieve little witch. She is good for something after all.

Where is that lovely little necklace of mine anyway.....

Note to self: put money on this account.
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Welp. I'm happy [05 Aug 2005|04:26am]
[ mood | happy ]

The NHL is back and I finally get to go to my Combines games again.

About time.

I still don't understand why they didn't listen to me in the first place. If they would have just DONE so, we'd still be enjoying our games and--

Arugh. I should have iced them when I had the chance.

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Revnge [02 Jul 2005|12:27pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Hss sntnce ws unjst. He hd to be teh bg man and put me awy and leev. Hs now srving fr the Hb cty now. He will pay fr my unjst pnshmnt.
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Conversion [30 Jun 2005|01:41pm]
[ mood | content ]

All the others have been acting strange. More strange than "normal" for us.

I've been nowhere near any of the others, they have no idea where I am, but *I* know where they are.

With each step they take passed a mirror, a window, I know exactly where they're at. My view from inside the mirror realm is one that's vast and intruiging. I've witnessed so many murders, so many crimes (not to mention reflections of my own) through my reflective eyes. Everyone always takes a mirror for granted. Only the incrediably smart ones know the truth behind them.

So much time I've been able to come across lately. I've finally got this place looking better, looking even better than what it did before Flasher trashed it and shattered it to pieces.

"Mmmmuurrrph--!" Mutters a muffled voice from the dark and space-lit corner.

On my heels, I step over to writhing, now a bit leaner Warden Wolfe.

I've still got him, and those idiots down at the Heights have no idea. "What was that, laddie? C'n ya speak up? I can't hear yeh."


"OH! Is it dinner time now?" My foot comes to press at a point on his neck. He's been with me for weeks now. I've been slowly brainwashing him. Using his own damn tactics he once used against us in confidment. He's getting a raw taste, and it's making him stir crazy. With a heave of force, I knock him to his back still sitting in the chair that he was tied to. "If yer a good boy, I'll untie you."

Wolfe's eyes rolled and once again went to writhing around. "Bleh-- pheh--" he worked his gag off. I guess he's earned a few minutes of speaking time. "You know--"

"...there's nothing you can do at this point, Wolfe. We've already had this discussion. And I'm SURE you were LISTENING, weren't you?"

"....yes-- not like I had a choice." His eyes narrowed. "Why are you doing this?"

A grin spread across my face as I stalked oved to him, leaning over to look him straight in the eye. "Because. You're on the wrong side."
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Two kids in one! [11 Jun 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

With that kid stayin' here, camping out in the back closet dreaming of everything pleasent, I know damn sure I've got a high insurance rate on his head. If you think about it, he's a VERY important individual. He IS Kid Flash after all. So if he ends up in a... situation kind of like this, I can be sure I'm going to go up his own kind (That was a no-brainer right there.) and his precious little teammates.

If course, just KNOWING that I have Kid Flash in my possession can make me a weathly man. I know quite a few people who would LOVE to buy him... him and his little precious "secret identity." Which really isn't so secret anymore.


Sadly... that damned movie will be out in theaters in a few days, and those lugnuts still haven't complied with my wishes.

Tick. Tick. Tock.

I can't believe my luck. Now, after all of this? The Rogues have GOT to reconize me as one of their own.

Reaching over to my comminicator, I dial up the ring-leader of the Keystone baddies himself.

"Hey... Cold? You'll NEVER guess what I got."
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Yes! [04 Jun 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

So my little plan was pulled off with ease. Not TOO much trouble by Speedy Gonzales or his friends... but I think this time..? They're all REALLY start to think twice once I start making scenes.

I took some kid for fun... to make sure they knew I was serious. And as soon as I put him in a choke hold and explained to them about the mechanics of my new toy?

They stayed the hel away.

OH YES! Who is the MAN!?

That's right, baby. ROY'S da man.

Arugh.. damnit. Where the hell is that duct tape? This kid's talkin' too damn much.

"HEY!? Cooterface! Shut the hell up! I'm trying to think here..."
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IDIOT. [02 Jun 2005|03:07am]
[ mood | mad ]

What happens when I decide to go out and not cause trouble for once?

Trouble happens away.

And this time it came in the form of the idiot MORON, Rainbow Raider.

Apparently he doesn't like the idea of a Flash movie and most likely HIM not being the main star.

I hate to break it to you, peaches. But TUFF FUCKING SHIT!

Not all of us are made for Hollywood. No damn reason to get your panties in a bunch.

If he thinks this is going to get our appoval in some form or another? He's got another thing coming.

He snatched a kid. I can't BELIEVE he'd do something so moronic!

And normally I'm for hostage taking! But when it comes to kids?


That's where I draw the line.

I did my good deed for the year. Got the theater's population out with the help of my freeze gun and some kid with a sailor's mouth and a pink genie. No casualities.... save one.

The fat bastard shouldn't have been in my way. That's all I'm saying.

The next time I cross paths with Roy I'm kickin' his ASS...!

You. Don't. Mess. With. Kids. PERIOD.

I'll make sure the others are aware of this....

They have my permission to kick his ass royally if they happen to see him before I do-- however, I reserve the right to kill him.

End game.
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Tinkering [20 May 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I can't help but pace back and forth, my eyes looking out to the darkened, glittering river below.

From my hotel room, I can see the heart of downtown Keystone, just over the river. Splendid view. Great place to gather my thoughts, great place to work.

There's a quick knock on the door and a jiggle on the handle. "Housekeeping!"

"Go away. I'm fine."

Silence. And then, "I need to change the sheets, sir."

"I groan, running my hand through my hair and I fashion myself to peel myself from the small table sitting there and pull off the sheets from the bed and grab the towels as well. I can't have her coming in and snooping around.

I open the door just a crack and place them in her laundry basket. "I can put them on myself, thanks."

She looks at me sideways for a moment before handing me a set of fresh linens. Nice lady, but I'm just not int he mood to deal with people right now.

"Thanks." I shut the door about as quickly as I previously opened it and throw everything on the bed. I'll deal with it later.

With a hop and a skip I'm sitting back at my table, hunched over the small gadget I've been slaving all night and all day over. It's not firing how I want it to. It's not doing what it's supposed to. At least not yet. I'm sure by the end of the night, I'll have a control over the mechanics of this. Allowing me to use solid light as a restraining device.

"Seven more days." I mutter, picking up the nearest flathead.
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Zap-Happy-Fun [20 May 2005|06:31pm]
Under the instruction of Len, I'm the one who was ultimately entrusted with Wolfe's body.

No.. he's not not dead. At least not yet, but his body is in a blackened part of the mirror realm. JUST where he needs to be. He's gunna get treated like how Flasher was treated when he was in here. At least a lot less nicer than him.

"You can't DO this to me--! Do you have any idea who I am!?"

"Yeah, laddie. And honestly, none of us care. You've made our lives a livin' hell, and we've just come to return the favor." A snide grin spread across my face as I stepped aside, letting Mardon take over.

He sent a nice zap of electricty through his body with that fancy wand of his.

Did it nicely too. He screamed like the sissy he was and passed out. I think any time he starts to back-sass me or one of the others, I'll let Mardon shock 'im or... have Trickster "play" with him.

I have to admit, watching his broken body writh around and make gurggling noises is quite amusing.

Makes me wonder how long they'll figure out he's gone.

...maybe it's best we give the illusion that he's around.

Better go set up a few of my hologram disks in his office, not to mention in his home and other locations.

My head peeks it's way from the mirror sitting in the hall and I grab a hold of Owen's collar. "I need yeh to do me a favor, kiddo."
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I want the acceptance! [14 May 2005|07:01pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I'm upset.

I mean I shouldn't be, but I am.

I don't understand why they don't include me in their organized affairs. They all have NO idea just how valuable I can truely be to them.

Just think!

My light and color technologies?

I'm gunna proove to them all.. in just a few weeks my ingenious plan will be unleashed.

They'll see then.

And maybe THEN they'd except me....
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On the Lines of.... [05 Apr 2005|01:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

You know, I haven't been with this group for very long, but with the time that I have been here, I've learned a lot. Learning that a bunch of strangers that have absoueltly no idea who you are and visa versa take you in and treat you as one of their own...?

That's powerful. Powerful in the family sense. I've never really had that sort of strong connection.

Well, before my father passed, for the short time I was able to spend with him before that moron in Gotham City ended his life, was that of a strong connection. Did I care that my father was THE Captain Boomerang?


What I cared about was that after all these years, he was actually man enough to seek me out, let me know what was going on and fill me in on the details that he knew about.

I miss him.

He was taken away from me too soon and I can't get over that. Someone WILL pay for that tragedy, even if it takes me the rest of my adult life to put a razor edged boomerang in their skull.

An eye for an eye, right?

With that, the whole eye for an eye concept strings back to the meeting that was called the other day. Cold made it known of what happened to the second Flash's grave.

How utterly disrespectful.

I know if someone did that to my father's grave, there'd be no end to the hell that would be raised. I can only imagine how Flash feels. The pent up anger and fustration.

We're supposed to be his rogues-- HIS villians, but in an event like that? That's not going to fly. There's a little thing we have called respect.

I think we're temporarily laying down our arms against the Flash until this little incident blows over or unless Cold says otherwise...


Or should I say "Uncle Len..?"

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Organized Talks [25 Mar 2005|12:55pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

It's bad enough I've had to trek down to the Ice Arena pissed off at generally everyone involved with the National Hockey League, but just finding out that someone defaced The Second Flash's grave?

I admit, I may be a cold hearted SOB when it comes down to it, but we've all got our pet peeves. And messing with someone's final resting place is one of them. We all feel the same way when it comes to our dead loved ones. I know if that happened with Lisa, The jackass who touched her plot would never see another sunrise or sunset for that matter.

You just don't do that. Out of respect.

We may fight on seperate sides, but our commonalities are all the same. We all strive for respect, for understanding, for acceptance. Doesn't matter who you approach, ask them, and in some way, shape, or form, that's what their answer will be.

I shake my head clear as I enter the parkinglot of the arena. that's okay. This little hinderance may just aid to my needs after all.

The lines of scattered newsvans is getting annoying. I'm tired of walking around their damn equipment. I ought to do something about it... but I won't. Not this time. I'm only here for one reason.

I literally push on journalist into the brick flowerpot. "MOVE." I mutter, ice seemling to drop off my tongue.

A few people gasp when they see the blue and white and clear a path for me. Oh, what a grand feeling, i feel like royality.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see one woman motioning to her camera man to get ME on film. I don't care this time. I'm a target for the police, but it's not like they can't be "handled." Especially that stupid pretty boy Morillo hiding behind the badge. Haught, arrogant, hot-shot cop. I'd really love to have five minutes alone with HIM and show him a thing or two.

"Make sure you get all of this on film! I don't want you to miss a beat!" the woman growls to her camera men. Jeez. And they call us rouges harsh? Talk about a primamadonna.

Just as I get to the door a butt ugly six-foot tall, donut shaped man is standing in front of the door way with his arms folded across his chest. "you can't go in there."

I watch him for a few moments before sending a wave of icy energy to his feet, freezing him in place. "I don't have time for you games, fatty. I'm here on business."

"Arugh--!" He cringes in pain, trying to reach for his now frozen feet.

"Relax. You're not dead." I nudge him aside, making him wobble and topple to the ground as I make my way inside.

It doesn't take me long to find the secured room with about twenty different voices all talking at once. All arguing, all bickering.

With a swift kick the door bursts open, and my freeze gun is pointed straight at the bald man in the sports jacket. The Head, one of the owners of the NHL..

There's an eerie silence that floods across the room, all eyes trained on me.

"What? Oh..." I chuckle. "We've never met in person, have we? You may address me as Captain Cold."

A shaky voice pipes out from the very back of the room. "Please dont' kill us!"

My yes roll behind my glasses. "I'm not going to kill you, so you all can get your panties out of your asses and relax."

They're all still frozen there, none of them want to move. Heh. How cool. Intimidation is a powerrful thing, isn't it?

"Listen... I'm just a concerned fan who is basically just trying to make a point and get my voice across to the person and people in charge." My gun slides across the empty air, still aimed at basically everyone in the room. "WHICH would be you guys.

Now i don't appriciate all of this bull shit that you're trying to pull out of your asses. By cancelling the season, YES, you're going to make history, but at what cost? have you ever thought about that?"

The bald man stood, his hands leaning against the large table in front of him. "Mr.... Cold, was it?"

Pulling my hood down to rest on my shoulders, I watch him over my glasses. "Yes?" I'm being polite. And LOOK! I'm not trying to cause trouble!

"With all due respect, you're not a member of the board. You have no say in what goes on here."

"I am a paying customer that supports your paychecks and your players paychecks. I have been faithfully here, every season, for every game, for the past ten years. If the Combines play at another arena that isn't here in Keystone? I fly out to their games. I have the tickets and everything to proove so."

I show him my gun, showing him that I'm disarming. Maybe he'll better listen to me if I tuck it away and show him I mean business....and not harsh business. "I'm going to put this away so I can speak civally with you and your officals, if you don't mind?"

I could see the security guards moving in, but with a sweep of the hand, they left and I was asked to have a seat.

Heh. Bet a lot of others would kill for where I am right now. Honestly? My little boy dreams are going wild.

I'm intorduced to the officals and players around the table, who are all watching me with interst. I don't think they can grasp that us bad guys like sports too. It's not all about killing and making harm to "innocents" and whatever super we're supposed to run up against.

"So.. Mr. Cold, why don't you tell us where you're coming from, hmm?"

"I'm just simply saying that all of this bullshit running across whosever mouths is doing nothing. And as I walked in, it seemed like a lot of that was happening. Your fighting over MONEY which is, according to most, the root of all evil. Now, I won't lie. Money is a useful tool, but a lot of people misuse it. Greed is a sin and you're spreading it like wildfire over the entire organization--"

Another member of the board stepped up. "We're not getting what we deserve from this--"

"And neither are the players!" I grumble. "If it weren't for THEM you would be up a shit creek. THINK about it. They're the ones out there on the ice. They're the ones that the fans come to see and cheer on. NOT YOU. They're the life of the game, and the fans are the heart. And yes I know I'm starting to sound like a Hallmark card, but I'm telling you what's what. And I have a feeling that you all forgot about that.

"But I've got this feeling that my voice isn't going to be heard and that the season's going to be stamped over with big red letters 'CANCELLED.'"

Thing is, I'm probably right. "I'm just hoping that it won't have to come to that."

He shook his head. "Our economic status has taken a nose dive and NEEDS to be resolved."

"Then why don't you guys take forty percent, and the players take fifty percent, and gives ten percent back INTO the stadiums!"

"Why should we give up ten percent of--"

"Because you're the owners! You're the responsible ones and this whole problem can be easily resolved and here you are, all making it into this huge production!"

"It's not as easy as that, I'm afraid--"

"To HELL it isn't!" My hand reflexes and rests right over my freeze gun. The lot of them flinch. It's halarious, actually. "Why are you wanting to stall!?"

"So we can better collborate on ideas to work this over in a precise and effective manner."

My head hurts. This is an easy in and an easy out. My gun re-aims itself back to his head. "Look. BUDDY. You and I both know this is easily fixable." A warning shot is fired into the wall behind him, my eyes narrow. "SO FIX IT."
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Out to Lunch [15 Feb 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Bloody hell. He did it. How about that....?

Not soon after I figure out who our in-home "guest" was... she's gone.... Thanks to Piper and-- a few other unnamed heroes-- which will suffer the rath of my cold gun.


But I degress. I don't want the hassel, nor do I want the bad press. I'm already getting enough, more than my fair share, that's for sure. Plus, I don't want the title of "Cape Killer." That's about as worse as it gets.

If..... we-- if *I* kill Flash (I've had plently of oppertuities, believe me) I'm gunna have the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman on my tail. The ones I really don't want to deal with.

That's okay. I'll deal with Keystone's biggest speed looser, thank you. He'll give me a run for my money-- litterally, at that.

It's all a game really. All we ALL really want is a challenge. This one keeps up well, but I *really* miss the Flash before this one. YES I know that there was another one, how could you not? It's not like this Flash is 70 some years old.... unless he's found some sort of fountain of youth keeping him young. Kind oflike that first Flash.

He should be dead by now and looking like a wrinkled prune. But is he?

Hell no.

He's still runnin' around like he's 40 with that stupid silver basin on his head.

I was worried about returnin' back to this place-- after hearing a few heroes stepped in. I had to "bomb" this place of bugs. I didn't find any, thankfully. I know they're watching, but you know what? I'm going o to do nothing. And I'm going to make sure I freeze Evan's ear off to do the same.

It's not like we're guilty of anything... except well.. maybe Evan is for gettin' rid of Flash, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Okay, I promise: From this day forward. No killing anyone for at least one year. I want a vacation.

And vacationing starts with a good meal. I think i'm going to go down to the Motor Car this morning and drop in on an old friend.

I hope Mallory will be happy to see me.
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Take-Over, pt. 1 [10 Feb 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yer know, I'm not as dumb as I look. I may have my problems when it comes to certain things, but I know for damn sure I'm not stupid. You can't fool meh. Oh no yer can't!

Effing Killer Frost is living in meh damn house!

Well, not MY house, OUR house. Leonard's and my house. (This place is just as rightfully mine as his. We're in on a partnership and there's nothing to it.) We both take care of this place, complete the household tasks-- we're good homeowners AND neighbors to boot!

For once, our neighbors aren't giving us a second look. They're not putting a title to our faces. They're not goin', "Mirror Master and Captain Cold are our neighbors!! OH MY GOD! Call Flash!" We actually got invited to banquet scheduled for this Saturday.

That's never happened before! Us Rouges don't typically get invited to those events.

I think Leonard and I are together on this one when we say we really not like to blow it this time. Where else are we gunna be excepted? I mean other than Iron Heights?

And here I am trying not to get placed back in there.

Back to Frost--

Heh. I hate to say it, with Leonard taking control of our "last names" it seems we got an added present to our batch. Two Frosts plus another one free!

Leonard and I need to have a talk about this; To a point where Lassie Frost won't get too suspicious over us. I'm pretty damn sure Lenoard knows already.

I mean how could he not? Sure she's got that Gothic-- whatever the hell look it is these kids are running around with the super pale skin, but isn't their skin like that because of makeup?

If you nudge her the white won't come off, as to where these punk-kids it would

If Morgan wasn't really Frost, I think I'd seriously be jealous of her presence.

Note to self: Don't piss Lassie Frost off.

This'll be a hell of a surprise for Piper when I pull him aside to speak to him about this. Then again, with as smart as he is, I have to wonder if he's already figured it out. Hehe. Then again, he hasn't still realized that I was the one that killed his parents.

He thinks I'm his best friend (maybe) and here I killed his maw and paw.

Poor lad. He's such a lost pup lookin' for a bone. The scraps we seem to keep feedin' him are doin' wonders. It'd be great if we got him back on our side, but in a low-key kinda way. The technology he posseses would be a great help to certain "missions." Though I know it's not going to happen for quite a while. He still needs some breakin' in.

I got a chance to check in on Flasher earlier and see how his misery was comin' along. Seems like my entrapment is finally hitting him hard. Heh heh.

In the form of the Reverse Flash. Though I'm tempted to drop in the next time the two of them have a spat. I could easily make both of their time in there hell. Sic a couple of mirror doubles and tweek their personalities with the red crystal?

I couldn't do that to Zoom though. He's a good lad. Jus' lookin' for the same thing we're all searchin' for:

Flash's suffering.

The more I think about it, I'm ultimately the one who got rid of him! And once the other rouges catch wind of that? I'm gunna be the MASTER. And then Keystone and central City WILL be ours with no likes of anyone stoppin' us.

Screw the Justice League! We can take 'em down. We ARE the most organized of the meta-villian's anyway. We know how to work together-- especially when we all want the same thing:

Flash dead. Money. Power. Keystone.

So right now? I have the power. Flash will die in the mirror realm. I'll make SURE of it. Enough toying with him.

He's got one more day to breathe before I pull down the velvet curtain. Maybe I should go break the news to him now...
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Inching Away [07 Feb 2005|10:02pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

I didn't tell anyone about this little trip "out," not like I've gotta check in with the "household crew" anyway. I eventually come back. Wether it be midnight or six am in the morning, I still come back. A guy's gotta have his own palace to sleep in, after all, right?

For me, it's more like an ice palace-- especially with whats-her-face hanging around. She's making the entire place colder than the norm. And usually, I don't mind the cold. I've got what I need to survive. There's not chance of me getting frostbite. Then again... I'm nost so sure about that.

Just this afternoon, Morgan started giving me a neck massage. I'm not complaining, she works wonders on a stiff neck and I wasn't about to let that go.

...but her touch.... I could have sworn I felt her press a cube of ice against my neck. Thing is: there were no drinks near. She had no cubes within her reach.

I don't know if she played magician and whipped one up and did it for fun, but when I turned to watch her she just gave me a wink and went back to rubbing my shoulders.

....something's... not right. And I have a damned suspicion that Evan's feeling that way too. I think he's angry with me over something.

As soon as I walked outside, feeling the cold air hit my lungs, I knew the outdoors were calling me. Without thinking, I grabbed my parka, threw it on and just started... walking. Even with the temperatures reaching about 40 some degrees, it felt nice. I could easily see whisps of white emitting from my mouth with each breath I take.

That's one thing I love about being way out here. I'm not breathing any of that main city pollution. I can live without the smog. I should be thankful this isn't Los Angeles or something.

My wandering soon leads me to a Healthy Living Store of all places.

'Didn't know this was here. Hmm...' Why not go in and take a look around? At least I can get some banana chips while I'm here.

I grin and give a wave to the cashier as I pass.

She's looking at me funny... so are a few other people. I shrug it off and make my way down isle three, hands stuffed in my pockets.

"Let's see here.... banana chips.... Where the hell are those little buggers..."
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Uh.... [03 Feb 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | moody ]

Alright... so there was a mizconception in the house and Morgan somehow thought Leonard is-- well, that he prefers lads-- that he actually prefer's Piper to Morgan's hand. Isn't that halarious!? Morgan's all worked up in a tizzy about it and she keeps muttering death threats Piper's way anytime she gets a chance.


I am SO glad I am not in her line of fire. Talk about an Ice Queen. Lassie's got a fierce personality... it's... downright COLD. And here I thought Leonard's personality was harshly fridgid.Guess he's got competition.

Whatever differences the two of them had? Seem to be non-existant now and Morgan's eating of Leonard's palm. It's kind of amusing.... and annoying at the same time. He isn't even paying attention to me! Well, he is, but Sheesh--! I dun know what he SAID to her, or what he threatened her with? But I sure as hell wish he did it sooner. The quiet to this place has been restored and I've been able to get along with my own little "games."

I've been talkin' with Flasher, lately. Ya know, taunting him, toyin' with him, makin' his head hurt, his heart ache-- Maybe not a whole hell of a lot, but I know what would make his heart ache even more. I've been keepin' track of what he's been usin' to peer through to this dimension with.

That Plant Woman from Gotham.


Isn't she on our side? What is Flasher doin' with her, anyway? Flasher's supposed to be on the right side of the law. What's he doin'......

Hm.. This gives me an idea. What if I exploited this in some way? Get the media involved and get everyone all anti-Flash!

...nah. Could never work. I think it's been done.

Just happening to glance up, I watch as Morgan passes me and I watch her through narrowed eyes.

"Something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" she blurts.

"Huh? The light," I motion, lying. My hands massaging my temples Damn this headache. "It's in my eyes."

She gave a brief nod and hurried off into the den.

I honestly, don't like her.

I keep gettin' the feeling that she's gunna steal Leonard right out from under me. Unless she's already done it.


Aww hell.

Maybe if take that Midol stuff everything will return to "normal."
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